Extra Curricular

MWS offers a large variety of sports and clubs for all types of students to participate in. The school stands for awarding our students the opportunity to shine in their own individualistic ways, be it ahtletic or academic. The staff at MWS work throughout the year to support and run these clubs and sports teams, and it is through their dedication and handwork that these opportunities are made possible for our students. MWS has maintained a very flexible schedule for sports and clubs, 


Football – Caoched by Curtis Chandler, Daryl Wolfe and Matt Zomer

Hockey – This is offered through Pinehouse Recreation. Coached by Mike Bruno and Matt Zomer

Wrestling – Coached by Alfred TInker

Volleyball – Coached by Stephanie Sonnenburg, Jolene Tinker, Daryl Wolfe, Joel Durocher

Basketball – Coached by Matt Zomer

Soccer – TBC

Track and Field – TBC

Badminton – TBC

Flag Football – Coached by Curtis Chandler and Matt Zomer

Skiing – Coached by Chris Fettig



Drama – Led by Kelly Miller 

S.R.C (Student Representative Committee) – Led by Jessie Lariviere

L.S.C (Lakers Spirit Council) – Led by Matt Zomer

Digital Boot Camp – TBC

Christmas Concert and Dinner – TBC

Family Nights – TBC

Science Fair – Led by Tyler Borovijs

Community Garden Project – Led by BillieJo Natomagan

D&D – Led by Brennon Brunet

Grad – TBC

Literacy – Led by Dianne Natomagan